Alicia Grunow's sketchbook explores her artistic thoughts and scribbles

Scooby snacks for dad


The kids felt their dad was as faithful as Fido (or in this case Fred) for all he does for our family.  Secret messages stuffed into fortune cookies sounded like a fun Father's Day project...I think I just wanted to paint another dog while I practice gouache. 

Thank you, teachers!

The second graders at my daughter's school signed their names within the shape of a seahorse and I filled in the rest as a year-end gift to their wonderful teachers.

Presenting Owa Zowa

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to my daughter's second grade class about my  "work-in-progress" towards a completed children's book.  Thank you, class for listening and sharing all your great ideas!

What's happening here?

I had to see my figurines in a narrative setting so I combined a few into a digital landscape that I had already made for a winter kid's app.

Good morning, sunshine!


This is just how I feel know, fresh and alive, singing, "Good morning, sunshine!" The dog lives again (modeled after Empress' dog).